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National Philanthropy Day® Media Supplement

August 13, 2014

Canada is the first country in the world to permanently celebrate the importance of giving, volunteerism and engagement by recognizing National Philanthropy Day® every year in November. National Philanthropy Day® is a celebration of everything Canadians do to help their fellow citizens and marks the unofficial start of the giving season.

Studies show that most charities receive a significant amount of gifts in the last two months of the year –between a third and a half of their annual revenue. National Philanthropy Day® is the perfect way for donors to begin their giving season – considering new causes to support and developing a giving plan that will maximize their contributions of time and money.

Once again, to recognize this occasion, AFP and The Globe and Mail will produce a media supplement that will include:

  • What to support – overviews of some of the most innovative and exciting causes that Canadians can support this year
  • How to support – tips on wise giving, and different methods that donors can use to create impact
  • Corporate support – a look at how businesses and corporations are helping to support charitable causes with long-term sustainable strategies
  • Individual support – amazing stories from people across Canada who are driven to change their communities and the world

Want to submit material? Deadlines are as follows –

Space closing: October 3, 2014

Material deadline: November 7, 2014

For more information, click here.