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Many Nonprofits Using Social Media, Few Measuring Value

April 27, 2010

A Quick Poll conducted on AFP's website earlier this year showed that two-thirds of nonprofit organizations use social media, but only 17 percent of those that use sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn actually measure its value to the organization.

The poll, which received 306 responses, found that one-third of organizations (33 percent) are not currently using social media. Twelve percent of organizations have no plans to use social media, and 21 percent, though they do not use social media now, plan to in the near future.

The poll asked nonprofits to rate their level of involvement with social media (whether they use it or not) and to what degree they measure its value. The largest group of respondents (39 percent) said that they use social media, feeling it is important for reaching the greatest number of donors/potential donors, but that they do not measure its value. Only 17 percent of those that use social media said that they measure its value for their organization.

Quick Poll Results:

  • We use social media, and measure its value - 11 percent
  • We use social media, but can't/don't measure actual value - 17 percent
  • We use social media, can't/don't measure its value, but still feel it's necessary in order to reach the greatest number of donors/potential donors - 39 percent
  • We don't currently use social media but plan to in the near future - 21 percent
  • We have no social media plans - 12 percent

Watch the coming issues of AFP eWire for more Quick Poll results. The current poll can be found at